I lived in LA for 2 weeks

The official test, the test to see if the LA life is really for me. The test to see if I’m ready to move on. The test to see if Drew and I don’t kill each other after one week in the same room. The test to see if this could really work. Spoiler alert: I think I passed. Two weeks of chipotle for every meal,  two weeks of waking up to a new adventure everyday, two weeks of meeting new people, two weeks of LA traffic, two weeks too short. I truly believe I had maybe the best two … Continue reading I lived in LA for 2 weeks

What I love about Sunday’s

“What I love about Sunday’s” *insert Craig Morgans deep manly voice here* Sundays make me feel all mushy gushy inside. I love that feeling. Sunday’s get me all thinky in my head and make me realize how incredible life itself really is. I like waking up early on Sunday’s. I like making coffee and sitting outside on my deck (when it’s not freezing cold). I like just sitting in the silence and thinking about everything I’m thankful for. Gratitude is something very important in my life, and reflecting on everything I’m grateful for is one of my favorite things to … Continue reading What I love about Sunday’s

I started a clothing line???

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 Within the past year I dropped out of college at FGCU, moved to Miami University’s branch campus, changed majors to Small Business Management, did LOTS of research and figured out what I was actually going to achieve with my major, and moved my complete focus to making a living from following my dreams. I believe going after what truly makes you happy is the key to living a life you will forever be proud of, even when others may not completely see your … Continue reading I started a clothing line???

Forced Family Fun

Forced Family Fun is what my mom likes to call packing us all up in the truck, meeting our childhood best friends, and taking over our old campground for the weekend. A few of us families have been best friends since Drew and I were little beans and every year, until just a few years ago when the busyness started to kick in, we would go camping at this same campsite and take it over for the week or weekend. So we decided it was time for another reunion. We rented out this sweet, “Glamping Tent” and our friends stayed … Continue reading Forced Family Fun

Rock Springs, Wyoming

When you think somewhere is “out in the middle of no where”, you’ve never visited Rock Springs, Wyoming, To say this trip was an adventure would be an understatement, it was much, much more. It may have been a short one, but there was a lot of fun and craziness packed into a couple of days. First comes first, our flight is at 5:30 PM and me being ya know, me, thought it was at 5:30 AM and was all packed and ready to go for an early morning flight. To my surprise, we get to the airport at 5 … Continue reading Rock Springs, Wyoming

Mission (not so) Impossible

Xochenpich, Yucatan, Mexico *apologies if I start throwing in some spanish words, I’m practically fluent now*  Day uno We left Lebanon at 2 AM to catch our first flight out at 6 AM, landing in Chicago also at 6 AM (weird, trippy, I know). We made it to Cancun and stopped at the closest Mcdanks where I had the bougiest Oreo Mcflurry and some Mexican chicken nugs. Now that we were finally there, the whole water situation really was giving me the spooks. I had some quiet time on the bus ride where I did my first devotional of the … Continue reading Mission (not so) Impossible


May 25- May 31 The Carnival Sensation Day one- Miami, FL Boarding day We flew into Ft. Laudy late yesterday night and had dinner at a local diner on the water. I had amazing grouper and veggies (me trying to be healthy before I get on the ship to unlimited icecream and pizza 24/7 (which did NOT last very long)). After, Mom wanted to get wine for the week ahead but was too scared to go across the street in the city to get some (she never wouldve lasted in FL either) so we snugged up in our hotel and … Continue reading the SENSATION

Last Day in LA

Last day I like sleeping with the windows and screen doors open so I get to wake up to the morning”ness” outside, which is what I woke up to this morning. It was bittersweet knowing it was my last morning waking up here, for now at least. We all got dressed in our favorite outfits we saved for the last day and headed to breakfast at a cute little cafe down by the beach. (You know how much I love cute little cafes (Hint hint if any boys are reading this and wanna take me on a date)). We found … Continue reading Last Day in LA

Los Angeles, CA

Day Two Runyon Canyon & Venice Beach Day 2 started VERY early, our alarm went off at 4:30AM to get up to hike Runyon Canyon and watch the sunrise from the top. I think it was one of my favorite mornings of my life, and definitely a highlight to this entire trip. Sunrises have a way of making me feel so alive and are the best kickstart to making any day a good day. It was unreal to watch the sun rise over the entire city of Los Angeles and right over the Hollywood sign. I can’t even put into … Continue reading Los Angeles, CA