Heyyyyy this is me, I’m kacey, nice to meet ya and I’m glad you stopped by ūüėČ

My full name is Kacey (Casey, Kasey, Carley, Kaley, and Cassy all work too) Ann Dirksen, I share a middle name with my momma and my best friend and I wish it was my first name most of the time. I think I was named after a horse, so if anything goes to help describe me, I think that would be one of them.

I haven’t figured out exactly what I wanna do with my life or exactly where I’m going but man am I excited and ready to share it with you all.

I graduated high school, went to Florida for college to try and be the typical “beachy college girl”, but boy was I wrong. Ive never been the “typical” girl and I guess I never will be.¬†Theres always been this little part of me thats known I was different and was set out to be something different from everyone else.

My favorite thing in the world is documenting my life and looking back on past memories and feeling it all over again. I love the aesthetically pleasing parts of places and my goal is to finally be able to capture them on another level. Writing is something Ive never felt comfortable sharing with others, but I’m all about stepping out of your comfort zone so here I am.

This is just me and my 19 years of thoughts and my 19 years of experiences. I love  publicity and being the center of attention so why not save thousands of pages of journal paper and post all my thoughts on the internet. Maybe some of you can learn something from my embarrassing stories and life lessons Ive acquired over the years.

Some things you may want to know about me (probably not but maybe):

I want to be a Kardashian when I grow up

I like to blare old music in my kitchen and dance when my family is all at work. (Pocket full of sunshine is my no. 1 go to)

I put ranch on EVERYTHING

People say I have “Buddha” toes and make fun of them every time they see the sun

I love love, even though I’ve never been in love, I love it. Nicholas Sparks hits me harder than most sad puppy videos.

I also have a strong passion for quarters

My hidden talents mostly only include drop kicking my gum out of my mouth

and finally…… I LOVE this life and I love this generation we live in. I love connecting with people and feeling so alive, thats what this day and age is all about. Life is so pure and precious and theres so many more opportunities than ever before. Which is one of the simplest reasons to why I plan on putting myself out to the internet, also because I want my kids to see how cool their mom was one day. Documentation is everything and knowing this will be here forever is crazy. I want to use this to somehow inspire people, or even just one person. From documenting my life, I hope I can turn around one persons day at least once. And that is the sole purpose of this blog.

I hope you stick around for a little while

Lots of love X