as summer comes to an end…

as summer comes to an end, I wanted to do a little recap of the C R A Z I E S T summer I have ever had. ever. I feel like I checked almost everything off my basic summer girl bucket list and woooooaaah that feeling is crazy. 

it started with a best friends trip to my new home in LA  IMG_8710.JPG

DSC09349  I then dropped a new clothing line collection that I’ve been dreaming about since 4th grade

spent a lot oIMG_1762f time at the beach, in the pond, or by the pool flexing on all my friends with my tan.  

did a lot of exploring and adventuring – like to an abandoned ghost town and under highway tunnels DSC00629

DSC09774 met the love of my life, Karen the baby goat

IMG_8362 went to my first vidcon and got to meet some of the people I have looked up to for years now

came back home for the county fair, my favorite time of the entire yearIMG_3244

roadtripped to Vegas a few times  IMG_4085

IMG_4912 celebrated my friends and family all getting married and having babies and celebrated hard

realized how much I love sunrises and decided to become a morning person, (it didn’t last very long)IMG_1717

IMG_5583 went to a country concert – basically on the border of Mexico

went to my first afternoon tea, LA changed me  IMG_6099_Facetune_11-08-2019-15-39-09

flew to London with 12 of my best friends to surprise my brother at his first concert on tour and adventure around the country for a week – showing me exactly what I want to do with my life IMG_6907

IMG_3002 stood by my cousin and the love of her life at their fairytale wedding

IMG_1003 2 and finally ended summer at home with some of my oldest and closest friends, doing all my favorite ohio summer things in a matter of two weeks

but what is even crazier is to think that one year ago, this life I’ve been living was only in my dreams. I would think about it, write about, talk about it, for months and months until it became my reality. this summer showed me that I can do anything I dream of and I will not stop until I have reached them all.

summer 2019, looking back on you, you were long and tiring and filled with a lot of self realization, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about you.




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