perspective – isn’t it a funny thing

how two people can go through the exact same situation, side by side, and experience two completely different memories.

its your mindset, your point of view, your attitude

its how you decide to be in that moment


humility in perspective is such an important thing

because perspective can also be so deadly

it can cause pain and distance where pain and distant aren’t supposed to be, just because someone walked through that moment a little different than you lived it.


take a step back today and see the change it brings

know that its okay that we all see things differently, thats the beauty of life

but this time fix your mind on the light, the positive, the good

its so much harder to fix the broken pieces, but it is so easy to open your eyes to a different perspective. start somewhere, because it is so worth seeing life and the people in your life for the fullness of who they are.

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