Life update – Sometimes things don’t always work out the way you planned

I’m not sure where exactly I’m going with this blog or what I’m even going to share with you, but this past month has been a tsunami of clarity and wisdom just poured into my soul and I thought just maybe there was a way I could share what I experienced.

To start I guess I can tell you about the plans I had made.. My best friend and I put hours of work and planning into this extended trip to Los Angeles. We booked a place to stay for a month and planned just about everything we wanted to accomplish while we were there. Long story short, some issues came up, my best friend had to go home after about 3 days into the trip, and there I was alone in the city of angels. I was really upset immediately and thought what the heck am I going to do alone for the next month. I had my car (since we randomly decided to road trip ACROSS THE COUNTRY (hint number one?)) and I called my brother who was actually flying into LA that exact night.  I picked him and his friends up at the airport and went to stay for what I thought was going to be just the weekend. I ended up staying for….uh….a month and spending time with what I now would consider my family.

All of these signs I continued to experience throughout the month just continued to show me that I was put in this exact spot for a reason. Each event that led up to these moments happened at exactly the right time for the right reason. I met all of these people for a reason, drove my car all the way across country for a reason, decided one morning to go to a church that opened my eyes to this new lifestyle that was unfolding in my hands, but most importantly found this family who has changed my life for a reason, and its all just getting started.

Little did I know I would be waking up to a helicopter ride to a private island for my birthday, or having coffee on the beach 3 times a week, or having movie nights in bed with all 12 of your friends until 3 AM every single night, or jumping off roofs into ball pits every morning to wake up, or taking random trips around LA to explore just because we were bored. So much life was lived and true happiness was felt this past month, and it was life so unexpected, making it that much more special.

I think it’s easy to say the way things happen and pan out in life could not be more perfectly timed. Even if we may not see it in the beginning, everything is happening for a planned out, perfect reason. It may sound cheesy and like you hear it all the time, but seriously think about it. Each encounter, each new person, each experience, they’re all building and growing you for something that is about to happen or happening already. Lean in to those moments and recognize how each moment is changing and affecting your next steps in life.

So heres to my next steps.



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