Talk about the most perfect way to end the most changing year of my life.

My brother and I and a few of our friends decided to book an Airbnb in the city for a weekend to ring in the new year. New York City. Times Square for the ball drop, something that had been on my bucket list since I was drinking fake champagne as a four year old at our family parties. I remember seeing all the people perform on TV and the famous celebrities attending, but never in a million years did I ever think I would get the chance to be standing right there next to them all. Let alone be POLICE ESCORTED to the front of the stage and be inches from Ryan Secrest’s never aging face.

I guess I should start off and tell you all the New York touristy things we did in the few days prior to New Years Eve that we spent roaming the city. We ate dinner and had 30$ smoothies from Planet Hollywood and staked out the city where we thought we’d be fighting groups of people to maybe see the back of Steve Harvey’s head. The next day we got to see the Empire State building, got Starbucks in the Trump Tower, walked through Central Park, and had lunch in the World Trade Center. I even bought a fake Gucci belt for 20$ on the side of the road (no judging will be tolerated). I could have spent an entire extra week exploring that never-ending city and all it’s little nooks and crannies.

We slept in until about 2 pm on New Years Eve, got all fancied up (just to be poured on by the rain), and headed out to the city. We ended up getting escorted to the front of the stage where people had been waiting for 12 hours in the freezing rain. I kind of felt bad for just moseying in right before it started and taking their center stage spot, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. We watched all the performances, which was absolutely incredible, got on TV about 14 times dancing my little heart out (my proudest moment), and counted down until the ball dropped. There I was standing in the huge crowd of people, soaking wet, in the pouring rain, counting down until the New Year. It was a movie scene, and I was living in it. I will never forget that moment, (or how much a cried for absolutely no reason but pure, complete joy.)

My resolution for 2019 is to have the best year of my life and I think this experience may have perfectly set me up to have just that.



I guess I forgot to post this 6 weeks ago, so here it is a little late. Did you expect anything else?


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