18 things I learned in 2018

This was the year of change and by change I mean, my whole life was turned around. in the best way possible. 2018 brought me more growth and taught me more lessons than probably all my years combined. Here are a few lessons that really stuck with me this year, in hopes that they can help make 2019 YOUR year.

  1. Stop at nothing to follow your dreams. It’s okay to dream. In fact, the best thing about the generation we are living in, is that there is no better time to follow your dreams. There are so many people out there speaking their unimportant opinions and stereotypes that could be holding you back, 2019 is the year to stop holding back. Passion can take you farther than any other thing in life, so go and finally do what makes you happy.
  2. Pay attention to the little things life shows you. Perspective is everything. We have to be ready and eager to see beautiful things, they don’t ask for attention. Beautiful places and beautiful things are everywhere, but they are quiet. Open your mind and your eyes to see them and it will change your perspective on every moment life shows you.
  3. There is no such thing as coincidences or even control. You have heard it a thousand times before, but every single thing happens for a reason. All you can control in life and in situations is how you respond, your emotions, and reactions. Each moment or situation you find yourself in was put into your life for one reason, find a way to learn and grow from it.
  4. Everyone that comes into your life was meant to come into your life. Whether it’s your new best friend or an old man you ran into at the gas station, each person was put in that exact spot at that exact time for an exact reason. Make the most out of each of these encounters, it was supposed to happen.
  5. You make your own happiness and love. There is no such thing as having a bad day or being negative or being in a bad mood, if you choose to be happy and find the positive and goodness in EVERYTHING, there is not a single way in this world that you can be unhappy, it is simply impossible. Other people and other things do not affect your happiness and cannot sway it when ultimately YOU are the one that creates all happiness. No one can allow you to be unhappy besides YOU.
  6. Motivation is key. There is always more that you can be doing to advance your thinking or take you closer to your success. Spend your time on things that will bring you closer to your goals rather than things that are distracting you from getting there.
  7. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, in fact talk more. Share your feelings and your emotions with people, holding it in isn’t going to get you anywhere. Don’t be shy of talking to strangers either, who knows what they might be able to share with you.
  8. Surround yourself with people who truly want to be with you. Don’t waste your time or energy on people that only want to be with you when it’s convenient or benificial for them. Having a smaller amount of people who truly want the best interest for you will be far better in the end.
  9. Independence is key and it is okay to be alone. Be your own best friend, do things on your own, you don’t always have to be surrounded by others to feel loved.
  10. BE SPONTANEOUS, the memories you weren’t planning for or exactly expecting are the ones that often feel the most special.
  11. Stop sleeping so much. Coming from the queen of naps, this is a big one. There is only a certain amount of time in each day and in each month and in each year, making the most out of each day will ultimately bring you the most out of each year.
  12. Get organized. Wake up and set your intentions for the day or week or even month. Set goals and set smaller goals to work towards reaching them. Write lists and check things off. Get a planner and keep track of dates.
  13. Life is really made up of the little things. Long tight hugs, long car rides, deep intellectual conversation, really cheesy pizza, coffee, the first day it snows,
  14. Family is forever. Period, thats all.
  15. Know your worth and what you want and don’t stop for anything less.
  16. Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and do the best that YOU can do it and work on that. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  17. Fake it till you make it because confidence can do big things. If you are confident in yourself and who you are (or at least act like you are), you will be unstoppable.
  18. Actually take these things that you read about or ideas that you hear and allow them to change you, allow them to spark a fire within you and CHANGE. This is the year of experiences and change, do that.

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