2018 recap

2018 has brought me an abundance of memories, adventures, and growth, more than I ever expected to come. I wanted to pick twelve photos that helped to showcase just how special 2018 was to me and recap on some of the most memorable experiences I had. I somehow narrowed it down to 14.




This year started off by the most spontaneuos road trip to West Virginia with my best friend. I chose this picture because I remember how weirdly, perfect this day was and how genuinely happy and good I felt in that moment. This was the beginning of what I knew was going to be an unforgettable year.

Our road trip then led to our Spring Break trip back to Fort Myers where I went to college for a bit. We spent the week exploring the islands, embarrassing ourselves (our best hobby), eating a lot, and getting super duper tan. This week was super special to me and I will remember it forever.


I then got to visit my favorite city with my favorite person on this earth (or twin as we were called the majority of this trip). We got to be major tourists and do all the basic bucket list California things for an entire week. This trip was the start of something I had no idea was coming.













Later in the year, I got the opportunity to go on a mother daughter ONLY cruise to 3 different, beautiful islands. A week of bonding with my mommy and soaking up the sun. I think this picture really captures the happiness this trip brought me inside and out.



This next photo is from my mission trip. I got to travel to the beautiful country of Mexico and serve the Lord for an entire week. He brought so many good, good people into my life and showed me the beauty of this world in so many different ways. I was taken out of my comfort zone and forced to learn and grow in so many ways on this trip and it will forever be a big reason I am who I am right now.


 IMG_9091The next picture is another one of those spontaneous trips, and by spontaneuos, I mean we didn’t know about this trip until 30 minutes before we hopped in the car and left. I live for spontaneuos adventures and boy was this one. The 12 hours we spent in Nashville were some of the most CRAZY, special, insane moments of my life and I only wish I could share more 😉







This summer I also got my first tattoo, a cute little sun on my wrist to represent the light 2018 has shown me and the light I want to share with others.  This year I realized the potential and influence I can have on this world and my goal is to share more of that.



I also got the opportunity to go out West for the first time. I only got to visit for a few days but what I experienced changed my outlook on traveling completely. I chose this picture because it ALMOST captures the beauty in the nature that I got to see.



IMG_9095The next photo I chose was from my last week showing at the Warren County Fair EVER. 4-H and specifically this week has provided me with more growth and memories  for the past twelve years and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. This being my last year to show made things that much more bittersweet.




Shortly after all of this, I finally went through with THE surgery. This was such a big change for me this year and definitely a big part of my 2018 story. After years of pain and suffering, I got to kick the old Dirksen nose to the curb and say hello to my new, slightly smaller, less crooked little guy.


IMG_9097 Later in the month, my family was reunited with our childhood best friends and we went back to the place where we had spent most of it. A weekend full of insane laughter, old childhood traditions, good food, and campfires. I wish everyone could experience a weekend like this one.





Our camping trip quickly went into a part two with my best friend, her mom, and her moms best friend. Ive never had so much fun with people over the age of 40 in my entire life. From our pet raccoons to being Jr. Park Rangers for the weekend, this was definitely one of the most fun weekends of my entire life.



At the end of summer, I made one of the most influential decisions of my entire life. I got the opportunity to open my own clothing line.  This has already changed my life in the most unexpected ways and I can’t even imagine whats to come for clothedinkace in 2019. This picture was one of my favorites from the original campaign shoot and I will forever cherish the start of my new life.


IMG_9100 To round out summer, Drew and I decided to go to California, just us, and spend a few weeks of brother sister bonding time. This may have been my favorite trip of the entire year. Out of the hundreds of model-esk photos taken on this trip, I chose this one to show just how exciting 2019 will be with social media and where life is taking me. I am forever grateful for the experiences I got to be apart of on this trip and people I got to meet.


I am incredibly thankful for the all the amazing memories and lessons that came throughout 2018, and can’t even comprehend what 2019 is about to bring. Thank you to all the people that made this year so special and helped to shape and change my life. 2019- I am ready for an abundant of opportunities, travels, new friendships, life lessons, and getting to spread my little light all over this world.

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