I got a tattoo???


I never really shared on social media that I had gotten a tattoo and many people would probably be surprised if they knew I even had one. I got a tattoo about four months ago, while my parents were on vacation (oops). I always knew I wanted to get a tattoo and I decided this year I wanted to be a spontaneous person, so I up and went to the tattoo shop one night and decided what better time than right now. I knew for awhile what I wanted, the size, the shape, the placement, everything, so don’t think a lot of planning didn’t go into this little guy.

To me, tattoos are memories. Tattoos are more than “mistakes made while you’re young”. And I know I bring this up a lot, but we are on this earth and in this body ONLY ONE TIME, so let yourself be creative now and if that means for you to get a tattoo then do it and don’t hold back. Isn’t it cool that when you’re 90 and laying on your couch watching jeopardy one day, you can just look down and let the memories flood your mind of that exact time and that exact moment you were in when you decided to get this piece of art? I will remember 2018 by my tattoo and how it changed my life and how I can use that change and that revelation to hopefully shed my light on other people.

So heres the story: Recently, mainly since the beginning of this year, a lot has changed in me (you may have noticed). I’ve realized how big of an impact my small little self could potentially have on this infinite world. And maybe not the whole world, but pieces of the world and pieces of other people. Everything you do impacts other people, which in turn could change the world and will change the world one by one. The way you act toward others even impacts your own life and will 10 times out of 10 make you feel that much better inside. Mathew 5:16 (and my favorite bible verse of all time) says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” You never know how showing someone else that light could help them to see and find the True Light.

Try showing others that “light” and see how changing it can be for the both of you.


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