as summer comes to an end…

as summer comes to an end, I wanted to do a little recap of the C R A Z I E S T summer I have ever had. ever. I feel like I checked almost everything off my basic summer girl bucket list and woooooaaah that feeling is crazy.  it started with a best friends trip to my new home in LA     I then dropped a new clothing line collection that I’ve been dreaming about since 4th grade spent a lot of time at the beach, in the pond, or by the pool flexing on all my friends with … Continue reading as summer comes to an end…


perspective – isn’t it a funny thing how two people can go through the exact same situation, side by side, and experience two completely different memories. its your mindset, your point of view, your attitude its how you decide to be in that moment   humility in perspective is such an important thing because perspective can also be so deadly it can cause pain and distance where pain and distant aren’t supposed to be, just because someone walked through that moment a little different than you lived it.   take a step back today and see the change it brings know … Continue reading perspective

Life update – Sometimes things don’t always work out the way you planned

I’m not sure where exactly I’m going with this blog or what I’m even going to share with you, but this past month has been a tsunami of clarity and wisdom just poured into my soul and I thought just maybe there was a way I could share what I experienced. To start I guess I can tell you about the plans I had made.. My best friend and I put hours of work and planning into this extended trip to Los Angeles. We booked a place to stay for a month and planned just about everything we wanted to … Continue reading Life update – Sometimes things don’t always work out the way you planned


Talk about the most perfect way to end the most changing year of my life. My brother and I and a few of our friends decided to book an Airbnb in the city for a weekend to ring in the new year. New York City. Times Square for the ball drop, something that had been on my bucket list since I was drinking fake champagne as a four year old at our family parties. I remember seeing all the people perform on TV and the famous celebrities attending, but never in a million years did I ever think I would get … Continue reading NYE in NYC

18 things I learned in 2018

This was the year of change and by change I mean, my whole life was turned around. in the best way possible. 2018 brought me more growth and taught me more lessons than probably all my years combined. Here are a few lessons that really stuck with me this year, in hopes that they can help make 2019 YOUR year. Stop at nothing to follow your dreams. It’s okay to dream. In fact, the best thing about the generation we are living in, is that there is no better time to follow your dreams. There are so many people out … Continue reading 18 things I learned in 2018

HOW TO not be a grinch

20 things to do that will be sure to get you in the Christmas spirit:   Make Christmas cookies and decorate them Blare Christmas music in your house or car and sing at the top of your lungs Make up a good ole Christmas dance with your friends Go see Christmas lights Drink hot chocolate Go spread some love and give, whether it be buying presents for the less fortunate or just wishing someone random a Merry Christmas Play in the snow, make a snowman, have a snow ball fight Go skiing Watch Christmas movies with your family Cuddle up … Continue reading HOW TO not be a grinch

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

  Its finally December and you know what that means… CHRISTMASSSSS! Here’s my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide —-> for my beauty lovers: bubble face masks, various hair and face oils (they sell loads at TJ Maxx for very cheap), Moroccan oil hair masks, manicure & pedicure gift certificates, good shampoo and conditioner, rose water sprays, their favorite make up palette for those outdoorsy men: warm flannels, a nice backpack, Eno hammock, yeti, yeti cooler, Patagonia sweatshirts or jackets, outdoor speaker, nice reclining foldable chairs, beanie, sunglasses, beer, ski gear, sleds, hiking boots, warm socks and gloves for my travelers: lightening charging … Continue reading 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m happy when

I’m happy when I eat fruit when I burst out laughing and can’t contain it, when it gets to that point where it actually hurts to continue laughing when I discover a new song when I wake up and don’t feel tired, but relaxed and motivated I love seeing the seasons change, like actually witnessing the changes really hot showers, really long ones too just the idea of traveling, planning trips, setting goals of places you thought you could only dream of seeing when people smile back at me or hold the door open for me and knowing how those … Continue reading I’m happy when

I got a tattoo???

I never really shared on social media that I had gotten a tattoo and many people would probably be surprised if they knew I even had one. I got a tattoo about four months ago, while my parents were on vacation (oops). I always knew I wanted to get a tattoo and I decided this year I wanted to be a spontaneous person, so I up and went to the tattoo shop one night and decided what better time than right now. I knew for awhile what I wanted, the size, the shape, the placement, everything, so don’t think a … Continue reading I got a tattoo???